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Cartoons Then and Cartoons Now – Values vs. Violence

Cartoon series these days are very violent. There are gadgets, powers and fighting. Gone are those cartoons where Mickey and his orchestra of some funny animals would play music. Where Tom is still trying to hunt down Jerry.

Recently when I was watching cartoons with my small nephew, I realized how much violence has entered in cartoons now days. I was wondering why the creators of cartoon want so much violent stuff of kids. Cartoons like Ben 10, Pokemon etc are good; but they are way too violent.

I still remember the silly symphonies that I use to watch when I was a kid. I am only 27 right now, and I feel that during my time I was privileged to view some amazing cartoons. Yes, they are very important for a kid to grow. They help kids understand things which might be difficult to explain them through real word entities. I could have never understood the values of Robin Hood if I have not seen the cartoon movie of Robin Hood by Disney. It showed such an important message yet, there was no violence. Every animal was a character which he represented the best. Wolf as the mean old sheriff, Lion as the King.

These are things which shape a child’s brain. Ben 10 and other contemporary cartoons are teaching nothing useful, on the contrary they are injecting violent ideas and dangerous things. Plus, there are costly merchandise available for these cartoons which the small kids would love to buy.

Why can’t they bring back our good old Mickey, Donald and Pluto. Why is Goofy not laughing again on the cartoon channels. Why is Fred Flintstone not crying out “Yaba daba doo”. Can’t we have some quality cartoon? I still watch Tom and Jerry when possible. I have seen all the episodes, yet it makes me laugh. I can still relate my morning laziness with Garfield. But, I can never related myself with the powers of Ben 10. This is something I would understand, but I am sure not all kids would understand that.

From this, I would like to say that the media plays a very important role in our life. And cartoon is a very powerful medium through which kids can learn a lot. Rather they learn what they see in the cartoon. But now it’s up to us what we want them to show. If we decide violence then it is not good signs.

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