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A description of the characteristics of demons and the signs and symptoms that they can inflict.

A “Demon” was originally a Greek term which meant a wise, guardian spirit. In present day spiritualism and parapsychology, the word represents an entity which appears to have a malicious and resentful nature and is generally, though not always, of a non-human origin.

A Description of Demonic Behavior

Demons can be violent and unstable creatures and as spirits, they are parasites. Though they will sometimes completely possess a person, they mostly prefer to simply attach themselves like a leech, feeding on a persons energy which in turn gives them power. Symptoms of demonic attachment include: Energy loss, fatigue, paranoia, depression and irritability.

They are intelligent enough to know not to take so much energy that they kill they the individual, nevertheless their effect can be quite debilitating. Attachment can be hereditary or demons can be brought through from past incarnations and in these cases, symptoms can be seen during early infancy.

Demons may also attach during periods of extreme emotional, mental or physical trauma. Extreme measures are often required to remove these creatures since all methods of regular exorcism can at times be ineffective.

What Are The Characteristics of Demons?

  1. They seem interested in, and often resentful (perhaps envious?) of living human beings.
  2. Although they have been known to inflict minor physical injuries on people, such as scratches, welts, bruises and even what appear to be bite marks, primarily they assault the human mind through oppressive anxiety and fear, feeding on and exacerbating negative thoughts and feelings which may already be present, leaving energies that can then manifest into physical illness.
  3. They sometimes make their presence known through our senses, such as inexplicable foul odors (glamors) and low guttural growling which have on occasion been recorded by ghost hunters.

Demons may exist as a “quasi life-form,” intelligent, though not capable of reasoning in the same way as human beings, and existing outside the boundaries of our experience of linear time and vibration.

An exorcism or spiritual cleansing may provide a remedy, either temporary or permanent, against demonic infestation by making the environment hostile for the entity or entities and by removing those already present and relocating them back to the realm from whence they came.

The Contrast Between Darkness and Light

Since time unfolded there has been a play with duality and the contrast between good and bad, for better or worse in relation to mankind.

Believe what you may but demons in many names and forms do exist and operate here on earth in order to bring about a balance between darkness and light, good and evil which teaches us about duality. In the course of our work as entity clearers, we deal with negative Devils, Imps, Demons etc regularly and whilst these often cause debilitating symptoms in their hosts, the odd few do seem to put things right and in particular the Demonic “Angelic” hierarchy. Demons have a hierarchy much the same as that of the Arch Angels and the main purpose of these higher beings appears to relate to balance and protection of the Dark side, not always with evil undertones.

Demons are present in order to teach us about the darkness in contrast with the light and whilst many people perceive & recall demons as being grotesque, foul smelling, evil eyed beings, this is not the only way that these beings present. Demons come in many shapes, sizes & looks but it is generally not their role to scare you with their appearance like some kind of “boogeyman”.

The more powerful of demons will use their darker charms to seduce their hosts and draw them in so that they might then be manipulated to do their bidding. This would be difficult in the form of an eight foot snarling beast and so they must find more acceptable and charismatic ways of presenting themselves.


A phenomenal amount of myth and legend surrounds the topic of devils and demons and it must be said that they generally do not feast on the blood or body of their host, nor do they seek to sacrifice them to their Higher Master. We however do give them power with the negative aspects of our lives and our hang ups and vices that they seek to find and exacerbate in order to weaken us whilst satisfying their own wants and desires.

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User Comments

    On March 18, 2009 at 8:16 am

    my friend yvonne sees and hears these demons she needs help asap her dog pip also has fits and she thinks her dg can see things can u help

  2. lynseyhindley

    On March 23, 2009 at 9:17 am

    Lynsey, if you’d like help, I would like to re-direct you to

    There are a few members on that site experience with demons and devils and help with witchcraft.

  3. Sherry

    On April 15, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    My Brother in Law he use to be a preacher
    he has had mind control over my sister for
    many years…..and its got worst she has turn
    on me with his help…. she said that our
    Mother who has been dead for many years
    had put a curse on her…. my brother in law
    totaly controls her…. its sad to see you
    can tell by looking at her that theirs no
    life in her….and her use to be green eyes
    are mostly Black now.

  4. ashley (

    On April 16, 2009 at 12:36 am

    well i dont know if im going mad or not but i cant hide it anymore, i hear things and see thing that arent there…. no one believes me not even my family they treat it as a joke like i am making it up,some times i dont understand what is being said but when i do it is horrible…. images of fire screaming people death…. i dont know what to do anymore…. i have not spoken about this to anyone for over 3 years when i became a teen they told me to stop making up stories and i know im not crazy… please can you help?

  5. xinx

    On May 31, 2009 at 5:18 am

    He is comeing for me The man with no face I can hear him screaming

  6. silverpaws

    On June 5, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    i dont know whats going on, i hear yelling when no one is there but me…. i hear people screaming in pain… i can do nothing at night i cannot sleep due to the noises and the nightmares.
    i am lost as to what i am suppose to do… some one out there please help me……

  7. Patrick

    On June 9, 2009 at 2:00 am

    I see these shadows, like these spirits no faces just spirits. I’ve had many experiences when i was young and in my teens used those gifts for negative things such as lust, pride, and later tuerned into envy and lost all the gifts which i believe are god given. That is an acute sense and a deep relationship of the mystery that surrounds us. I have learned that humility and repsect for all of the earth and people is essential and important to not have fear of the experiences that you and i are experiencing. I have been sober now for just about ten years and exploring my soul and it’s negative things which i have brought on myself. These negative experiences a direct response to the seven deadly sins that i was envelopped in, lost, seeking only drugs, alcohol and the life that surrounded them. That isin’t to mention the negative forces that i brought from past lifes. I’ve been in addiction houses, mental institutions, homeless on more then one occasion all because i went of course. In the native tradition they relate it to a feather with the hairs on it being the paths that we go off on and as the feather gets narrower we learn and those paths are very painful and believe me, many are in that pain or on the path towards it or reaching the top of the feather to freedom. We’ve been tought over and over what to do, love, understanding, compassion, self- sacrifice and most importantly is to trust in the mystery of a loving god who has walked the path before us. I go to Alcoholics Anonymous for some guidance or most of my guidance since i’m a recovering alcoholic. I take medication to help me and trust in that and for those who think that there is shame in taking medication don’t because you would be very surprised at the number of people taking them, nurses, priest, and ect… So for those who see spirits pray, ask for a loving compassionate guide to come to help you whether it be in this realm or the spirit world and they will come. Seek and you shall find. Always know that there is someone out there who knows alot more then you may know in these matters. A nun came to me in this physical realm and trust me the knowledge that some of the religous people far exceeds what we may think we know. Try not to judge because in you judging you may be doing so in order do things that you know in your heart to be selfish and cruel. Listen calmly, gently and we will reach the top of that feather together. One day at a time. Love and peace be with you and i’ll see you at the topsince at many times in my life therewas no other way to go.

  8. Richard

    On June 12, 2009 at 3:03 am

    I may not venture this way again for some time. For those who have emailed above: There is a solution. You can be set free. Ask for Jesus to come into your life he can set you free. Demons do not have control they just have the authority that we allow them to have. I personally have a gift to discern spirits. There are may people who I walk past or stand near and I can sense a darkness around them and sometimes I know what conditions they have but only Jesus can set them free. Look up people on the internet such as: Dr Roger Sapp, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton.

  9. nina

    On July 6, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    like above i may not come through for some time but i been trying to find everything i can on whats goin on with my little brother…i cannot find the ansewrs. im desprite for him. My question, can Shizophrenia diagnosis be mistakin for possesion of demons? We have grown up in Christian environment with my mother and he was vey church active and about a year ago he changed, always so irritable, angry, delusions, hallucinations, seein thingsand when we pray speak in tounges for him he lashes out and becomes even angrier. I look in his eyes and he is not my brother i know.He speaks of demons and says he is one, there are many more things wrong but docters have diagnosed schizophrenia. I will not belive it! Can that be possible?

  10. Patrick

    On August 4, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    It very well may be that he is experiencing those things. It\’s sounds to me that he has alot of spiritual pride. I\’ve experienced my of the things you are saying although speaking in tongues may not be the best aproach for thi in my opinion. What he needs is a spiritual guide that knows of these happenings well. Many religious people are some of these some some are not. In my experience it was a nun who came to help me and she lowered my pride singificantly. It could be that he is rebelling alot too from the beliefs that may be being forced on him i really don\’t know. When i was in the hospital i was honest and they didn\’t diagnose me with schiyophrenia. When i was a kid i was pretty depressed. What i could say through my own experience is that i had to hit bottom bad in order to learn that the beliefs that i had were wrong. Some og these beliefs were , self pride , self pity, anger, envy. the seven sins you know. i just hope that he could realize that the way of light is the way of happiness and not have to go through the things i went through.

  11. loretta harris

    On October 18, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    I need to know what I had encountered was a demon?I lived in this duplex upstairs for 2 years and everthing was fine then we had a very bad storm and the ceiling was badly damaged and we decided to take the downstairs apartment.We when we moved in and got settled I kept hearing my daughters keep calling me from the other parts of the house and i would call back to them only for them to say they callled out to me.This wouldn’t happen everyday but it would happen at least once or 4 times a week.Then I started seeing this little boy!But I never saw him like I looked up and he was standing there he was allways hidding on the side of the door looking or peeking I should say and when i would turn my head he would leave.I never felt anything bad from this child but I knew he was looking at me wanting me to reach out to him amd I told my mother about him and she told me to try and talk to him so i did and nothing happend.But It wasn’t to long after I tried to talk to this little boy that I was standing in the living room folding clothes and all of a sudden I felt this cold fear, hate, seething ,horrible thing behind me and it was like this cloudy orb of blackness and it was taller than me and as I turned it stayed behind me and I ran out the house.
    I am not lying and to this day I really think what ever that was it wanted me to know it was there.I never saw it again and we lived in that house for 1 more year and I never saw or heard that little boy again.I am doing reserch on that house now and it was built in 1920.What I want to know is what I had happen to me was that a demon?And why that little boy never came back?

  12. Brandon Willis

    On October 21, 2009 at 6:24 am

    Loretta Harris most likely what happened was this is the same demon that this boy had been inflicted by as a child, alot of times unsettled spirits come back to their homes until they are settled. In my own judgement i would say that this was a demon and the young boy had probably seen this demon many times and no one beleived him, so on that day when you had this experience it showed the boy that he was not the only one. Therefore he was finally able to find rest.

  13. Maureen Flood

    On November 29, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    I have a demon attached to me. It’s been with me my whole life. I used to be able to deal with it, but as of late it’s been taking more out of me than I can handle. I need to know if there is a way to remove this entity. If anyone can help me, please email me;

    Thank you.

  14. john3916

    On February 17, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    The above situations seem to be very real and appropriate. We must remember to whole-heartedly seek the Lord. Inasmuch, once one is saved it is crucial to encorporate prayer and God’s word in the life of the inflicted one daily. This and only this will flush the demons out and/or release their attachment.

  15. albert driver

    On March 25, 2010 at 9:27 am

    I have had a demonic attachment for 17 years and during this I have been levitated off the floor and thrown thru a wall. I have been choked on many occasions often feeling like I’m gagging because a hand is pressing against my throat and esophagus. I have also been clawed/scrathed on many occasions and on several other occasions been given stigmata type wounds on my ankles and lower forearms just above the wrist. I’m often tormented by horrific nightmares of suffering and pain. I am fortunate in the sense that I can tell when this demons influence is manifesting because I recognize the symptom of severe homocidal daydreaming or just the feeling of a raw blood lust. I do not know how much longer I can resist its influence after 17 years of this I am extremely tired in every way

  16. Megan

    On December 2, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    I believe i have a demon attached to me ,I read the information and yes i have messed with oujia boards and nothing happened, I lost my sister and it traumatized me.
    I’ve been angry and depressed lately about moving back with my Mom and mixed with family stress. I’ve also got a friend who is a wiccan and her mother is a psychic and they know that i’ve got a dark Ora surrounded by me right now. I’ve been having these dreams about hell and i have been having the feeling that no matter what i do i stray from religion and feel as if im compelled to burn in hell..
    the last dream i had that was during last summer, i was dreaming about me sitting on a chair in this gold but red room where people were being sacrificed before me, the recent dream i had was someone sacrificing me and summoning something that took my body to rule hell on earth, i was walking into this ballroom type thing and demons were crawling every where on the walls and the screams and beckoning at me. the room in my recent dream was also gold and red. Today after i got off the bus i was alone and i saw this random black dog was just sitting there without a collar, so i assumed it was a stray. so when i was walking up the stairs to my front door i noticed in the snow there were dog prints leading to my door step. no exiting dog prints, it just stopped at the door, i don’t own a dog and no dogs came over when i talked to my grandpa. when i looked down and noticed the dog prints, this song came on and the words said “welcome to hell”. i freaked out. When i was younger i had this imaginary friend my mom told me about and i called her Megan 2. my mom would always tell me that i said she was evil and that i’d get in trouble with the school for biting kids and removing skin and choking my best friend in the field for taunting me and i don’t remember any of it. one of the nights my sister was baby sitting i was sitting in the bathtub locked in because i was mad at my friend ashley and i spoke in a deep voice and my eyes were dramatically darkened, black they said, i don’t remember what i said but i freaked out and made my sister cry and she didn’t know what to do.

    I’m curious if this is a demon that has been attached to me for all these years and i feel as if i’m going to give up on my belief in god in the future and end up giving my soul to lucifer.
    I was a strong believer in Christ, but i keep straying from God everytime i get into believing.
    What do these dreams mean?
    the only way i know that it could possibly be something else is the reasons why i haven’t had severe marks or been levitated or injured in any way, yet.
    I usually don’t dream a lot and if its nightmares its about brutality and killing people, rarely have i had dreams like this sitting amongst of people watching them being sacrificed.
    My friend Katie was spoken to in a dream of hers and was told by whatever is attached to me speaking “If only you knew the pain i put her through. Disbelief in me will not help her anymore then your lies.”
    i thought when i first was told that it was a bunch of crap and that it was made up, but i now believe it. i’ve been researching on this and want to turn to this book called Necronomicon for answers.
    Maybe a book of demons? i don’t know.. if someone could get back to me and talk me through this before i worsen things, please do:
    thank you.

  17. cory

    On October 1, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    look you don\’t need Jesus Christ in your life to get rid of a demon or have the entity detach its self from you all you have to do is show dominance over the entity and if it doesn\’t leave then you force your domain that it is your home that they are not welcome in your home that you banish them from your home…as far as the faceless man coming for some one make a mixture of goats milk, salt water sage and your blood and rub it at the entrance of your door way to your room and the window seals of your room it will keep him at bay

  18. april

    On January 20, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    I have seen evil things off and on now ever since i was little.It always happens as soon as open my eyes from a dream and usually i scream because it scares me and it goes away.But this morning i was all alone in the house when i suddenly woke up there was this skelaton looking evil thing just hovering over me.Except this time when i screamed it didnt go away i held up my hand and said GO and it did.I was scared to death i left and returned home a while later and when i started to enter the room i turned on the light it flickerd on and off like 10 times and then blew. What is going on how do i make it stop now im scared to stay in there by myself.


    On June 10, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    what type of demon/daemon have yellow and blue cat eyes? they are almost human shaped but they are black and you cannot focus on them because your eyes just tend to drift away

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