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Divination-an Exploration of The Future

The future is crap. Make it up. It doesnt really exist so who care.

Approximately now from now a change will take place.  As the world begins to unravel a new world will unfold.  I see through a glass an island of green.  Naturally, a ship sinks.  It is here that your destiny is told.  Oil prices rise until we realize we can’t eat the oil, although we try.  Our food sticks and stock markets crash.  Why do bad things always happen on the other side.  Yesterday is still happening, only what happened then is not that same thing that is happening now.  When the dust settles what is left?  I am a time traveller from the future.  I am here to visit the past.  Only problem is my presence here as significantly altered the future so already my predictions have gone astray.  But do me a favor.  Do me this experiment.  Imagine yourself in high school.  Pick a memory that stands out to you.  There is a popular song.  If a knew then what I know now… when I was stronger.  Now imagine that what you are experiencing right now is only a memory of your past-that you are re-living your past.  What would you do now, when you were stronger?  Are you still reading this article?  Have fun.

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