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Eight Greek and Roman Heroes

The greatest Greek and Roman heroes and what they did.


Some say that without the help of Achilles, the Greeks would have never defeated the Trojans. Achilles was a great war hero that was sometimes known for his fits of rage and revenge. It seems as though his anger was as greatly known as his fits of prowess.


Atalanta was a renowned huntress that had the skills of a wild animal. Her skills were so great that she joined the group of hunters on the Calydonian Boar hunt at the request of Meleager. King Iasus later recognized her as his daughter, and insisted that she marry. Atlanta agreed only on the condition that the suitor be able to beat her in a foot race, if not, she was allowed to behead him. Only Melanion was able to beat her, and only with the help of Aphrodite


Hercules was considered one of the greatest heroes of mythology. He was known as a demi-god and personified great strength and courage. Hercules performed great tasks from the moment of birth when he strangled two snakes that Hera sent to his bed to kill him. Hercules also had to to perform 12 labors for his cousin King Eurystheus.
Jason: He is best known for his role in retrieving The Golden Fleece. Shortly after Jason’s birth, his Uncle Pelias overthrew his father and claimed the throne. In order to keep Jason safe he was smuggled away. Many years later Jason decided to return to regain his kingdom. When Jason arrived, his Uncle sent him on the quest for the Golden Fleece. Jason succeeded and overthrew his Uncle.


Odysseus was perhaps best known as the hero in the Trojan war. The stories of the Illiad and the Odyssey depict both his fighting and part in the war as well as his incredible voyage home. Odysseus’s part in the Trojan was huge and was evident in the great stock that Agamemnon put into his cunning. It is important to note that although he was an accomplished fighter, his leadership and planning skills were of the greatest importance during the 10-year war. It was Odysseus who came up with the idea for the Trojan Horse and the hiding of the troops inside it.


Proteus had the great ability to change his shape at will. He was also known as a type of mystic and would answer your questions if you managed to capture him. However, Proteus would change shapes as often as possible to escape their grasp. Menelaus and Aristaeus were the only two to capture


Perseus was born by Danae, while her father locked her up in a tower to prevent her from giving birth, but Zeus was still able to impregnate her. Her father locked them in a chest and sent them away. They were then picked up and taken to King Polydectes. King Polydectes sent Perseus to get the head of medusa.


Theseus is best known as the major overall hero of Athens. After the death of his father he went to Athens to claim the kingdom as his birthright. He remained king until he later retired to an island and was killed by Lycomedes.

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