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Facts About The Ancient Egyptian God Anubis

Many people don’t do their research before writing their articles about the ancient gods of Egypt. Anubis is not the god of money, the god of love, and definitely not your servant.

How exactly was Anubis the servant of Cleopatra? 

Anubis was not a servant. He was the god of judgment and the guide of the souls in ancient Egypt. People stop worshipping Anubis when Egypt was Christianized. 

Cleopatra worshipped Anubis

The ancient Egyptians did pray to Anubis. Of course, Cleopatra loved and followed her religion, I am pretty sure she did honor all the gods. It is said that her favorite deity was Isis, and she even claimed that she was the living Isis. Others think that she was close to Hathor, too.

Anubis was an orphan? 

Is really hard to tell. When Set killed Osiris, he cut his body into sixteen parts and spread them around Egypt. Isis and her sister Nephthys found parts of the body, tried to put the body together, but they couldn’t, and started crying nonstop. Ra felt sorry for them and sent Anubis to prepare Osiris’s body to be mummified. As a result, the first mummy was made, and because Ra sent Anubis or created the black jackal god, (this in my opinion) makes Anubis his son. However, it is believed that Nephthys (Set’s wife) had a thing for Osiris, and she changed her appearance to look like Isis and slept with him. Nephthys was sure that she couldn’t have any children, but it turns out that she wasn’t barren because she conceived Anubis. This could explain why Set was so angry with his brother; he couldn’t have any children, his wife slept with his brother, and they had a child together. In some accounts, it was Set and Nephthys who conceived Anubis.

Was Anubis a magician? 

Given the fact that the ancient Egyptians practiced magic, we are going to say that there is a very small possibility that Anubis knew how to cast a few spells, however, Pyramid texts described him as the guardian and protector of the dead. His name means “royal child or to decay”

But his name means “Opener of the ways and roads” 

Nope. Wepwawet means “Opener of the ways and roads” Wepwawet was ancient canine god whose cult originated in Upper Egypt. According to some, it was Wepwawet and NOT Anubis who performed the opening of the mouth ceremony. Wepwawet and Anubis is NOT the same god. 

Was Anubis the patron of magic?

No. Not according to Egyptologists. He was the patron of lost souls and the patron of the orphans’ souls.

Here are the real facts for you pagans that keep insisting that Anubis is the god of money and the opener of the ways:

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