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Filipino Myths and Legends: the Legend of Mount Mayon

A Bicolano story about the origin of the Mount Mayon in Albay, Philippines.

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Makusotg, the tribal chief of Rawis, had a daughter, Daragang Magayon, whose outward beauty was matched by her kind heart. Her suitors were legion, including Pagtuga, a handsome warrior but arrogant chief of the Iragas.

But, Magayon’s heart belonged to the noble Ulap, son of the Chief Karilaya of the Tagalogs. Thus, he gathered his warriors to fight for his beloved.

In the ensuing battle, Ulap slayed Pagtuga. Overjoyed, Magayon rushed to embrace Ulap. But as she did so, a stray arrow hit her. As Ulap cradled the dying Magayon in his arms, one of Pagtuga’s captains threw his spear at Ulap and killed him.

The death of Ulap and Magayon sobered the people. Chief Makusog himself buried the two lovers in a single grave. Much to the people’s astonishment, the grave grew higher and higher until a majestic mountain towered over their town.

These days, when the top of Mount Mayon is veiled with clouds, people say that it is Ulap kissing Magayon. And when rain fall, they say those are his tears mourning their last love 

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