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Filipino Myths and Legends: The Origin of the Rainbow

An Ilocano story about the origin of the Rainbow.


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Bathala planned to journey the earth to visit his faithful people. He called his children to bid them farewell. All came except Bighari, the goddess of flowers.

Bathala, who valued promptness, became angry because this was not the first time that Bighari missed their gathering. Thus, he banished her from their heavenly kingdom.

Bighari, at that time, was at a garden on earth. She wept bitterly when she was told of her banishment. But she sought to cope with her sorrow by causing her garden to bloom profusely.

The people around her garden grew to love her more and more for bringing beauty to their lives. They resolved, after a time, to build her a bower so that they could see her garden even from afar.

They did so and decked it all over with colorful blooms. Thereafter, whenever Bighari would travel, people would see her colorful bower against the sky (From The Insular Life Assurance Company 2009 Planner).

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