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Fruit Superstitions

Some very fruity superstitions.

         Here are some very tempting superstitions to read over, all dealing with fruit. Maybe you did not realize that those delicious fruits that you were eating held such strange beliefs.

       Apple- When it is time to harvest the apples, it is considered bad luck to leave one apple on the tree after the rest have been picked. They say if you leave just a single apple on the tree, a death will occur the following spring.

     Bananas- In the Caribbean, bananas are considered a very lucky fruit. If a Y-shaped mark is revealed while cutting the bananas from a stalk, then your wish will come true.

    Blackberry- Even though the blackberry is a very good fruit, it is associated with evil. That is because the devil is to have cursed the blackberry bush after getting tangled in it when he was thrown out of Heaven.

     Cherry- In Switzerland, people believe that they should give the first cherry off of the tree to a woman who has recently given birth. This way it will ensure the grower that their tree will provide plenty of cherries.

     Lemon- This is a very old English superstition. A woman is to take only the peel of a lemon and put it in her armpit for the entire day, after that she is to remove it and rub it on all posts of her bed. If her lover is good, he will appear, bringing two lemons. If he does not come, then her love affair is over.

    Orange- Oranges are considered a lucky fruit. Lovers who give oranges to each other are to be drawn even closer together. Also, brides are suppose to carry an orange blossom in their boquets, this is to bring good luck.

     Peach- In Chinese superstition, a peach is suppose to bring you a long life, it is also suppose to keep evil away.

     Plum- According to Welsh superstition, if a plum tree blossoms in the month of December, then someone in the owner’s house will past away shortly.

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    It’s always fascinating to know about superstitions of people in different places. It makes you wonder how they are all connected.

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