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Greek and Egyptian Myths

Greek, Egyptian, similarities and differences.

Greek and Egyptian Creation Comparison
    The creation stories of the Greek and the Egyptians have many common aspects, but also differ in numerous ways. First of all, both creation stories include the concept of one Supreme Being. In the Greek story, the supreme god is Zeus and in the Egyptian story the supreme god is Arum. Although both stories have several gods, one supreme god ruled over the rest of the gods. In the Greek story, Zeus is the god that looked after the air and the sky. It is said that he “…waged a Great War in heaven to overcome his father…” and became the Supreme Being. In the Egyptian story, Arum became the Supreme Being by creating himself with his thoughts and will out of Nun, the chaos of churning bubbling water. An additional similarity is that both of the supreme beings in each creation story are the gods that created man. Both Zeus and Arum used their powers to create men. The key difference is that Zeus had the powers to create and destroy man, while in the Egyptian story Atum’s tears of joy hit the ground and made men. Another similarity is that both creation stories viewed mountains as magical. In the Greek story, Zeus resided on Mount Olympus above the earth. The Egyptian creation story says, “[Nut] is kept from falling…by a circle of high mountains.” The difference is that Greeks thought of mountains as a place where the gods lived, but the Egyptians viewed the mountains as what kept the gods apart. A fourth similarity between both stories is that they each had earth and sky were gods. In the Greek story, the earth and sky gave birth to Croons, Rhea and Atlas while in the Egyptian story, “Gen and Nut gave birth to Orrises and Isis, Seth [and] Naphtha’s.” The difference is that the Greek’s had no name for the Sky and the earth while the Egyptians called their sky and earth gods Nut and Gen. In conclusion, it can be seen that the creation stories of the Greek and the Egyptians have a variety of similarities and differences.

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