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Greek Mythology: Artemis & Apollo

The twin greek gods, enjoy!

            Artemis and Apollo- twins who were very similar. Who liked to hunt. But enough about the introduction, lets get on about their parents.

            Artemis’ and Apollo’s parents were Zeus (I’m not surprised) and Leto. If you have read my article about Zeus, you would remember Leto from being the pregnant when Zeus married Hera. Even though they weren’t married yet when Leto was with Zeus, Hera was still, understandably, jealous. First she kicked poor Leto out of Olympus. Then Hera sent a freaking dragon to chase Leto around. Zeus intervened (for once) and sent her to a rocky island known as Delos. The other goddesses went to go help, except for Hera, and she decided to be a witch and held Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth, back until Iris went to go get her.

          Enter Artemis. Artemis was born first. After she was born her mother was having trouble, so (This part still somewhat creeps me) Artemis helped Leto. Why do I have a feeling Artemis never forget that she was her twin brother’s midwife?

         Anyway, the twins defended their mother from all her troubles and soon they returned to Olympus, despite Hera’s dissaproval.

          I’m first going to cover the mythology of Apollo. Apollo was the god of music, healing, and and sometimes the sun. Apollo was usually referred as the polar opposite of Dionysus, the god of Wine. Apollo never married, but he did have several lovers. It wasn’t a wise idea to push him away. You might get turned into a plant. Not kidding.

        He gave some of his healing powers to his son, Asclepius, who used his powers to become a necromancer. In other words, he raised people from the dead. (Zombies!) Zeus got angry and killed Asclepius with a lightning bolt. Apollo got his revenge by killing the cyclops that made the bolt.

        Apollo was usually depicted as a young man with curly hair and without a beard. I wouldn’t suggest doing any ‘your momma’ jokes to him though. He often defended his mother’s honor and safety.

          Now onto Artemis. She was a virgin goddess. She never married and only hung out with a band of hunter virgins. She was a tomboy. She was a protecter of children and of her hunters. When a girl reached puberty, they could be initiated into the group. Artemis had no patience for people who disobeyed their vow though.

            When she learned that one of her maidens had been seduced by Zeus, she turned her into a bear and killed her. She then placed into the sky as stars. Now, we know the constellations The Great Bear and The Little Bear, which was the maiden’s son.

            Many men tried to win her, but it didn’t work. One time, Actaeon, when he was hunting, came across Artemis and her nymphs bathing. It was bad enough he did that, but he stayed to watch. When Artemis spotted the creep, she turned him into a stag and set his own dogs at him.

             Artemis and Apollo= Two very different twins.

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