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Harpies: Greek Mythology Brought to Life

What is a harpy?


There are many definitions of a harpy. A harpy can be defined as a a malicious woman with a fierce temper. A harpy could be a vixen. A fruit bat is defined as a harpy. A large black-and-white crested eagle of tropical America is defined as a harpy.

But those are not the harpies I am talking about. I am talking of the creature mentioned in Greek mythology.

These are demonic winged women with beaks and claws. They like three things things called punishment, torture and death. Starting off as stormy Tornado Goddesses, they were originally fair-haired and pleasant to stare at, but soon people realized this did not really show the right picture. One fast turn around and they were transformed into screechy, scratchy, vicious and downright unsavory beings in every perspective.

The daughters of THAUMAS and ELECTRA, their called AELLO, CELAENO and SPITE. They are mentioned in many tales as snatchers and grabbers of people, and so far only the BOREADS have ever managed to battle them effectively.

The HARPIES can fly at the speed of sound, and one of their favorite tricks is to defecate upon the unworthy from above. It’s not airplane toilets you should blame when frozen lumps of crap fall out of the sky.

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