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Horus the Sky God

Ancient Egyptian’s belief of “Horus” the Sky God.

       Horus is a god of the sky. To the Ancient Egyptians, Horus was the well–known ruler as the protector of Egypt.

The Egyptians believed that the pharaoh was the “living Horus”. Horus’s head was a hawk but the body was a man.

        Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis but after Osiris was murdered by Seth his brother, Horus fought with Seth for the thrown of Egypt and regained power. In the battle, Horus lost one of his eyes. This eye was restored to him and it became a symbol of protection. Soon after the battle Horus was chosen to be the ruler of the world of the living.

One of the best temples in Egypt that is preserved was dedicated to Horus. This temple is located in Upper Egypt in a town called Edfu.

There are two Horus’: Horus the Elder (Heru-ur) and Horus the Younger (Heru-pa-khart). Shown as a falcon or a hawk, his name is believed to mean “the high,” “the far-off,” “he who is above,” or “that which is above”.

Horus was a fierce and proud Egyptian god. He was the son Osiris and Isis. When Horus grew up he challenged Seth to a violent fight where Horus lost one eye. Later, the gods decided to give the throne to Horus. Seth was then ordered to replace Horus’ eye but to honor the memory of Osiris Horus presented the falcon-eye to his father and covered the wound with a serpent called Uraeus.

Osiris then gave his power to Horus and retired. Soon after Osiris became an underworld god and Horus became the new king of Egypt, ruling right after the sun-god Ra.

Heru-ur (Horus the Elder)

Horus the Elder, is a man but with a head of a hawk. He wears the crown of Egypt with the horns of Khnemu (a crown of plumes, uraei, disks and more floating above). In early times, there were two versions of Horus the Elder. One version was in the North who was worshipped at Sekhemet and Seshemet, and the version was in the South which was worshipped at Makhenut.

This is the hieroglyphic for Horus the Elder :

Heru-p-khart (Horus the Younger)

Horus the Younger, is in the form of a young wearing a lock of hair (a sign of youth) on the right side of his head. Also, he usually wears the crowns of Egypt but sometimes a triple crown with feathers and disks. There are seven types of Horus the Younger, each has its own name: Heru-Ra-p-khart, Heru-Shu-p-khart, Sma-taui-p-khart, Heru-p-khart, Ahi, Haq-p-khart, and Heru-Hennu.

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