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How to Create a Urban Legend

How to make a urban legend real.


To create an Urban Legend you have to know your sources for the legend. Would someone belive it as being real or fake. Will you have to back up your legend with photos or recordings ? Photos are best or having witness that will back up your legend. Take Ghosts for example their are shows on TV searching for ghosts, photos are every where. Will it catch on
or not. Take the old hook on the car door on lovers lane. Or Big foot ,that’s a great one. Real or not? It has history and native legends to make it a great Urban Legend. All you need is to get the word out. That is were the internet is great.
One great Urban Legend is the “Gates of Hell at Stull Kansas”. This started in the 60’s by some high school guys looking for a good story to get the girls out in the country to look for Ghosts and such. Or the Albino Lady of Topeka. Again a good story to cruise the country roads. These two Urban Legends can be found on any search of the internet. Both have real places involved where you can go and look in hopes of seeing the Legend for yourself.
Just take the “Albino Lady” for a example. She was a real lady who
being an Albino came out at night and walked the country roads near her
house. Once spotted by some teenagers looking for a secluded spot for a little alone time. She became the goal of a nights outing to find the Albino Lady. After so many drunken high teens searching for her and sometimes not the best of the lot at that. She was taken away for her own protection by her family but the legend grew and still it is said her ghost roams the northern parts of Topeka. Legend or fact.
Lonely back roads make for good legends. Say one with old bridges that could be said to be the place of drownings with the spirits roaming the creek bottoms in search of reasons they died. Such as the Base Creek Ghost. It is said a young woman was out with her boy friend when a crazed farmers son snuck up on them and killed them and let the creek take their bodies away never to be found. Now when any one parks near the bridge her spirit can be heard crying or moaning when the wind blows from the South. So is it real or just a Urban Legend.
Stull Kansas is real so is the Church their and the cementery on the hill. Legend says the Church had a basement that was the Gate to Hell only one of Seven in the world. Cursed for what happened over a hundred years ago. But the Legend was never heard of till the 70’s. No one in Stull ever heard of it but every one else did.
Take the river road from Lecompton to Topeka on a full moon night.
Stop on the ridge looking over the river and you can see strange orbs glowing on the sand bars. Some say these are the spirits of the travelers who died at the hands of Indians and bandits that roamed the near by hills and valleys.
Your Legend must have some sound of truth to it. Howling animals, or moans caused by the wind always make any story acceptable. So with that in mind let your mind wander down those paths few travel, walk the halls of the old schools and buildings that are near by, look out for the floating orbs in the night. It is your legend it is your choice

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