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How to Read Your Future Via Your Palm?

Do you want to know how to predict your future by looking at your hand? Did you know that your attitude & personality is projected on your palm? Over here I will give you a few tips on what to know about palmistry and what your faith has to say about you. Its just amazing to read this information and how accurately it predicts your future.

The first step about reading your future through your hands is to understand what Palmistry means. Palmistry is all about interpret ting what each line/mount/shape on your hand means. In this article I will cover some of the main lines and some minor lines in your hand.

In general we look at both our hands to predict the future. The Dominant hand (right hand for a right hand-er or left hand for left hand er) which predicts your current future and what you make out of your inherited hand (left hand for a right hand-er and right hand for a left hand-er, this is the hand which has the personality you were born with).

Main Lines:

Heart Line:

Looking at both your hands, you will notice a major horizontal line that spans across your palm and lies just under the four fingers. This line deals with your heart conditions, your emotions and your love life. When reading for information you need to look at both hands and then compare them for specific information.

Head Line:

This horizontal line deals with career and your personality. It lies just below the heart line. In some cases both the head and heart lines are seen as one line also called the simian line. We will cover more on this in the later articles.

Life Lines:

This horizontal line lies under the head line and can be noticed between the index finger and the thumb. this line passes down in the form of a semi circle that encircles your thumb. Contract to popular belief, the life line does not tell you how long you will live, but instead tell you the quality of your life and the energy you have to live a good life.

Faith Line:

This vertical line lies next to the life line and is towards the opposite side to where the thumb is located. This line together with your head line defines the career.

Minor lines:

Health line, Apollo line, Solomons line intuitive line are just some of the lines. These lines are called so because it is not found in all hands and hence specifically defines the attitudes and personalities in a person. We will discuss more in the next article.

I hope you have gained a good understanding of the basics of the palm reading techniques.

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