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Join Dr. Turi 12/22/2012

Be there because the world will be!

Dear Reader:

This is simply incredible, in fact this is actually unbelievable but true, thousands of people actually are listening and believing the garbage many unconscious “Talking Heads”are preaching to a God fearing uneducated mass.  Yes they all firmly believe that 12/22/2012 will be the end of the world - Doomsday Preppers Folly  But those young souls have no clue of the divine implications involving this date or what God himself is all about… So just because I know like me, you know better,  I am asking you to join me on the air on Saturday 22 Dec. 7:30-9:00pm Pacific Time. Let’s talk about cosmic code and what the Scorpius Dragon will impose upon the world and I may also do some mini readings for some lucky callers. The telephone number to listen and /or participate is: 619-789-4359.


Mystical Cruise 2013

In this show I will emphasize more of what 2013 is all about and I am sure many of you will also enjoy all the wisdom imparted by a few light workers in the 2013 February cruise.  Rest assured, the year 2012 will come and pass like any other year and the “Harmonic Convergence” is a true blessing for humanity. This window is the opening of a golden door where many of the planet’s “false structures of separation” *religions / Pisces Age, will begin collapsing and a new face of God and his celestial tools manifesting through the Age of Aquarius / Cosmic Code/ Stars will be readily accepted and introduced to the world. This Harmonic Convergence is an upgrade offered to the human spirit, an unseen astrological magnetic field *forcing humankind to realize once and for all that; the God they have been religiously trained to fear, love and respect for centuries, and his *commandments are NOT what they think they are. As the years goes by only a few advanced souls with proven spirituals values and predictions will become the new powerful spiritual Leaders of the world where education, Cosmic Consciousness and the plain truth involving Jesus initial celestial ministry will begin to replace today’s religions slowly eliminating fears, ignorance, deception lies and chaos upon earth.

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