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Leprechaun Lore: Ireland’s National Fairy

The wizened men in green, with their little pots of gold, a fascinating sight, or so I have been told.

The leprechaun is Ireland’s national fairy. What can we learn from the Leprechaun?

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This hardworking cobbler just wants to guard the pot of gold. If you happen to glimpse him, he will, no doubt, be running to and fro keeping a close watch on treasure the fairies have left at rainbow’s end.

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The leprechaun is often intoxicated–but not to the point where he can’t hammer with precision or carry out his guard duties.

Once you spot him, you’ll want keep the leprechaun in sight. He’s quick and cunning and will dart out of view faster than you can blink an eye! It’s been said that if he eludes your clutches, you will lose out on your chance at the pot of gold.

Leprechauns avoid humans whom they feel are foolish and greedy; however, if you catch a leprechaun, he will promise great riches if allowed to go free. You’ll notice he has two leather pouches. One holds a magical coin that returns repeatedly to the pouch; the other holds a false coin that he’ll bribe you with. Once you’ve released him, you will find your coin has turned to useless material.

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What Can We Learn From Leprechauns?

When you think about it, leprechauns are smart and hard working, and yet know how to have fun. If you are fortunate enough to encounter a leprechaun, maybe the best course is to silently observe and learn from him!

Leprechaun Watch

At the Glen of Cloongallon a fairy ring encloses and an ancient rock formation called a neolithic dolman. A live webcam has been set up in a hidden location to catch unusual activity. The Glen is known for leprechaun sightings.

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