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Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur’s Half-sister

Morgan le Fay is King Arthur’s half sister and enemy.

Morgan le Fay

Morgan le Fay (also known as “Morgaine”, “Morgan”, “Morgana”) is King Arthur’s half sister and enemy. Often described as a witch and / or healer. The name “le Fay” means fairy.

By stealing the scabbard to the sword Excalibur, she is guilty of that King Arthur is deadly wounded in his battle against Mordred.

Morgan le Fay is sometimes confused with her sister Morgause who is Mordred’s mother.

Morgan is one of the three women who sail the dying King Arthur to Avalon, the sacred island. She is probably derived from an ancient Celtic mother goddess Modron who often acted as the three women at the same time. The same goddess, appearing as Lady of the Lake.

Christian monks who didn’t like woman or pagan healers made her look like a dangerous figure by deliberately confusing her with the war goddess “Morrighan”.

Fatamorgana (Fata morgana in Italian) (optical illusion or hallucination) is named after her. A mirage is often a blurry scene which is easy to misunderstand.

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