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Mythical Creatures

Are they real or just a myth?

       Are mythical creatures real? If you tell a child a legend of a mythical creature, they would believe it. However, if you tell the same legend to an adult, they would probably just smile. But, I ask you, just because you haven’t seen them, does that mean they don’t exist?

       Gnomes are small little creatures. They possess a power which can make them invisible to humans. They are said to have long white beards and tall pointed hats.

      They like to live in the forests where they bury their treasures in caverns under the earth. They say you should never try to find where a gnome is hiding because they could bring harm to you.

       In Scotland, Brownies are tiny invisible elves. In the daytime they sneak about the remote areas of the house, being very quiet. At night when everyone is sleeping, the Brownies come out. They do chores for the people of the house to help them, but they expect small gifts of food. If they do not receive these gifts, they will leave the house.

      An aquatic fairy is an Asrai. They are suppose to live in very deep waters. Asrai’s are small, they are only about two to four feet tall. They are said to be very youthful in their

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appearance, even if they are old. The Asrai are terrified of being captured because if they are taken out of the water and into the sunlight, they will die.

      A Leprechaun comes from the Irish mythology. It is believed to be a male faerie that lives in Ireland.

     The Leprechaun are generally older and are males. They always seem to be dressed in green. Leprechauns are suppose to be very rich. They are suppose to have many treasures hidden.

     They say if you see a Leprechaun and keep your eyes on him, he cannot escape, but if you look away, even for a second, the Leprechaun will disappear!

      Sprites are probably the most common faerie. Yet, they are often mistaken for an insect because they are so tiny. A Sprites coloring is to be very beautiful.

     They say Sprites live deep in the forest. Once you get in the forest they can be anywhere. They are so tiny, you really don’t notice them. They fly about in swarms, so if you walk into a swarm of Sprites you might get bit because they do bite if they are provoked.

     Also, next time you are hiking, look around on the ground. They say if you find a hollowed-out acorn, it could possibility be from a Sprite. They use these for various things.

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  1. Aldrin A Wilding West

    On September 18, 2009 at 5:26 am

    A journey back to childhood and into my dreams. Great write. Never disbelieve what has not yet been proven.

  2. Darla Beck

    On September 18, 2009 at 8:06 am

    Very interesting article.

  3. Christine Ramsay

    On September 18, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    A lovely article. It brings back so many childhood memories for me too.


  4. ahmad joko setyawan

    On September 18, 2009 at 5:43 pm

    I really enjoy reading your work,always very interesting and it always invokes the imagination!Excellent work!!

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