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Scientists Discover Bigfoot Nest?

Until now there has been no valid evidence that confirms the existence of Bigfoot.

  The scientists discovered a strange tree that is curved in a remote region of Russia, Kemerovo. They suspect this as a hotbed of Bigfoot monster. Bigfoot is a creature who is described as having a big body, and fur all over his body.

The trees are found by scientists at the same time it is curved. Curvature of the trees in Kemerovo was almost like bows. Kemerovo itself is known as a place of mysterious Bigfoot monster berkeliarannya this.

Scientists are intensively researching Bigfoot from Russia, Canada, the United States, and Sweden met to exchange thoughts on Moscow before an expedition to Siberia. According to a biologist John Bindernagel (60) as dikutiup pages of The Sun said, “We felt the trees were not curved by ordinary humans or mammals.”

Bigfoot nests are found scientists in Russia

“The trees are curved like this ever happened in North America and can be summed up with the theory of how Bigfoot make a nest,” added John.

“The nest is made ​​of the trees we see around the same time is curved to resemble a bow,” added John.

These creatures are known by several different names, such as, the North American Sasquatch, Yeti in Tibet and Nepal, Yeren in China, and the Yowie of Australia. Until now there has been no valid evidence that confirms the existence of Bigfoot. There are only a blurred photo or video that allegedly record the existence of this mysterious creature.

One is video recorded Vietnam War veteran, Thomas Byers. He recorded a figure as high as 2.1 meters creature covered with hair, who weighs nearly 150 pounds were crossing the street and then hide behind the trees

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