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The First Ancient Greek Gods: Primordial Gods and Goddesses

If you are interested in ancient Greek myths, you may wonder, who were the first gods and goddesses in the myths? Who came before Cronus and even Gaia herself? Well, read on to learn more about the primordial gods and goddesses.

If you have read the Genesis (from the bible), then you probably know the story of creation, implementing things like “And God said, ‘Let there be light!’, and there was light”. Well, the “Genesis” of Ancient Greek mythology is quite similar, matter of fact. Hesiod’s Theogony says that all sprung forth from Chaos. Chaos was the first Primordial Diety and is the void, where everything falls in every direction. There were 5 Primordial Gods and Goddesses that erupted from Chaos. These were Gaea, the Earth; Tartarus, the Underworld; Nyx, the darkness of the night; Erebus, the darkness of the Underworld, and lastly Eros, sexual love. Other Primordial beings came from these ones, including Ouranos, the sky and the sea, Pontus. All other gods and goddesses except Aphrodite (who had no parentage) were sired by these Primodial deities and their offspring.

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