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The Legend of “Malin Kundang”

Malin Kundang is a tale that comes from the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Malin Kundang legend tells of a rebellious child to his mother and is therefore condemned to stone.

Malin Kundang stories contained in the form of oral literature (legends) and literary writing (short stories and drama). As a literary Minangkabau (tribal, western Sumatra), Malin Kundang story is a manifestation of Minangkabau culture, which is matrilineal system.

The story of Malin Kundang

Malin including a smart kid but a bit naughty. He often chasing chickens and hit him with a broom. One day, when Malin was chasing chickens, she tripped over a rock and injured his right arm hit by stones. Feeling sorry for his mother who worked hard for a living to raise themselves. Malin decided to go wander in order to become rich after returning to my hometown someday.

Initially Ms. Malin Kundang less agreed, remembering her husband also never returned after going Malin wander but still insisted that he was willing finally went off Malin gone down with the ship boarded a wealthy merchant. During their stay in the boat, Malin Kundang lot to learn about the science of sailing on the boat crews who had experienced.

Along the way, suddenly climbed Malin Kundang ships were attacked by pirates. All the commodities traders who were on the ship seized by pirates. Even most of the crew and people on the ship were killed by the pirates. Malin Kundang adrift amid the sea, until finally the ship was stranded on a beach. With energy left, Malin Kundang walked to the nearest village from the coast.

With tenacity and perseverance in work, Malin gradually managed to become a wealthy man. It has a lot of merchant ships with men of more than 100 people. After becoming rich, Malin Kundang marry a girl to be his wife.

News Malin Kundang who had become wealthy and have been married to the mother also Malin Kundang. Mother Malin Kundang feel grateful and very happy his son had succeeded. Since then, Malin’s mother every day to go to the dock, waiting for her son who may return to his hometown.

After a long marriage, Malin and his wife set sail with the crew as well as a lot of bodyguards. Malin’s mother who saw the arrival of the ship to the dock to see there are two people who were standing on the deck. He believes that it is her son standing with his wife Malin Kundang.

Malin’s mother was heading toward the ship. Once close enough, she saw twelve people wounded in the right arm, the more convinced his mother that he was approached Malin Kundang. “Malin Kundang, my son, why did you go so long without sending a word?”, She said, hugging Malin Kundang. But seeing the old woman dressed in tattered and dirty hug Malin Kundang became angry even though he knows that the old lady was his mother, because she was embarrassed when it was known by his wife and his men.

Get treated like that of his son’s mother is very angry Malin Kundang. He had not expected her to be rebellious child. Because of mounting anger, cursing her mother Malin “Oh God, if he my son, I curse him into a stone”.

Not long after Malin Kundang back and go sailing trip comes amid a violent storm destroys the ship Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang After that the body slowly becomes stiff and over time eventually shaped into a rock. Until now Batu Malin Kundang can still be seen on a beach named “Aia Manih coast”, south of the city of Padang, West Sumatra.

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