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The Strengths and Weaknesses of The Greek God Zeus

Zeus is the Supremen God in Mount Olympos. He might be a powerful god but he has strengths and weaknesses.

Zeus, being the Supreme Ruler of Mount Olympos, is the most powerful of all the gods. He is able to direct the fate of the mortals, for Hector’s success in battle was granted by Zeus himself, though Hector was alone. Zeus prevented Hector from being killed. Zeus, with his own free will, is able to pick which army he would favor. Zeus can control the natural phenomena in battle. It is evident when he sent a light through the battlefield. Zeus, being the most powerful, can direct the Gods to follow him. It is evident when Zeus directed Apollo to put Sarpedon away from battle, and to cleanse Sarpedon. Apollo did not refuse the order of Zeus.

Upon leading the Trojans to the Achaian ships, Zeus became neglectful to the bloody battle because he left his favored Trojans to fight unceasingl, Zeus was too much thrilled by the battle

Because of the neglect of Zeus, Poseidon Earthshaker took the great advantage to help the helpless Achaians. Poseidon encouraged the Achaians to push back the triumphing Trojans.

Zeus is easily manipulated by the presence of women. Evidently, he has many wives other than Hera, his queen. When Zeus caught sight of Hera, Zeus was effortlessly enticed by her. His heart is easily seduced by his wife. Then, together they went to bed, and Sleep did what is to be done.

He is easily entreated. Zeus was persuaded by Thetis Silverfoot to help his son Achilles, strongest hero of the Greek army in the Trojan War. 

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