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Urban Legend: Jobyn – Monster or Myth

15 bodies found, all killed in such a way impossible to be replicated by human methods. What’s the truth behind this all?

Image via Wikipedia (Artist representation of “The Jobyn”)


Okay you may not of heard of “Jobyn” but this is the most recent addition to urban story phenomena. Okay bare with me before you think “Jobyn” is just another Big Foot or Lock Ness Monster there is actually much more evidence to prove his existence. I first heard this story about two weeks back in a local public house. I was told by some friends that a girl had been found dead soon as one of my friends brought this up another interrupted immediately with “IT WAS THE JOBYN” this stirred controversy amongst my Buddy’s around the table i was just be-wilded “who fuck the is The Jobyn?” I said to my friends. They then gave me a long lecture about a Beast that lives in my local woods that preys on college girls. To me this sounded like the classic case of a serial killer but there was a difference. Claw marks where found deeply engraved into the spine of the recent string of victims that no human could do with his bare hands nor replicate with instruments. So there deaths have been classed as wild attacks by animals in the woods. But there’s a problem no animals in my local woods have the ability to leave such engravings in the flesh of humans as backed up by local wild life experts. The police seem to have shown a blind eye to this and merely laugh at any allegation voting in favour of the existence of “The Jobyn”

But wait there’s more.. I found all this a bit hard to believe myself until Police uncovered one of the girls had a diary inside she talked about a “bad dream she had” in which a large hideous monstrous figure dressed in a green long coat which was definitely not human stalked her telling her she will die. Two days later her body was found with the same spinal engravings as the recent string of 15 victims, all college girls. So Jobyn monster or myth? In my opinion this is all very bizarre and I intend to get to the bottom of this all and gather more information as I can. I will keep you updated and post further articles on “The Jobyn”.

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