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Yetti Lives in Russia, Siberia

After finding the remains gigantopitheka, three meter apes weighing half a ton, takes the world report finding Bigfoot living seriously. Siberia at this time investigates international expedition.

Yetti lives in Russia, Siberia.

It gigantopithekus extinct giant, hiding or Yetti, yeti, and Big Foot? Fossil remains gigantopitheka show that it was a very intelligent primate with the largest skull, similar to gorillas.
Altai region, Kemerovo region
Russian authorities confirmed that they were found conclusive evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. To examine this evidence, to invite an international team of scientists from USA, Canada, China, Estonia, Sweden and Mongolia.


Outside report seeing Bigfoot in the last twenty years have found homes in the branches, traces of 35 cm long and found a cave Azasskaja tuft of hair. Scientists say that the Yeti lives in the cave, there are various items and lair. Photographs or samples of DNA from this region is missing.

Still the only video confirming its existence is still from 1967. Yet ti, however, was observed in the past trusted persons as members of the Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain. Bigfoot observed Sir Edmund Hillary, the famous conqueror of Mount Everest, or other famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner.

In the case of a declaration by the Russian authorities are not the only ones who have doubts. Hopefully, the international expedition sent to the area will have sufficient authority to the evidence to be taken seriously. Skeptics argue that the observation of Bigfoot are recently becoming more common and it is a targeted campaign to make the area attractive tourist area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLoch Ness-type or Stonehenge.
Yetti – most realistic of all mysteries
The existence of ghosts and monsters lochnezské doubtful. With a similar number of observations massive ape in America, Russia, China and Nepal believe that the Yeti exists.

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