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Factors of Social Change

In this article I will discuss factors of social change according to sociological nalysis and theories.

All societies change over a period of time. The forces behind these changes are due to many influences. However, some factors play a major role in changing the social world. The factors are not the same in different historical periods and they differ for different societies. However, humans play a vital role in changing the natural enviornment because of the develpment of science and understanding of the laws behind the natural systems. However, in some societies particularly in the East religion and other cultural factors has shaped societies than science. This is also true to some extent in the Arabic world where Islam has played a major role in the social development and the path of development.

However, after the colonization of these societies the science and industrial development became an imperative in different degrees in these societies as well as the notion of democracy in a Western sense of the word.

They have had positive and negative consequences for these socities depending on the acceptance and the phase of change. For example the arabic World even today has many unresolved political and other issues not resolved adequately and in a very unstable situation and even can say it can be a threat to a peaceful future if these issues are not settled to the acceptance of the majority of the populas in these socities. The social change is a complex phenominon and has to be carefully channelled otherwise may produce negative changes rather than positive change.

In essence, the major political changes in any society can be classified in to political, economic,social, cultural, religious, ethnic composition and gender plays their role in social change. However the major role of these factors differ in different societies and and different time periods. However, in current times the political or geopolitical as well as the economic system has a major role in social change. Some social changes in the contemporary world are negative and some are positive in nature. For example the environmental consequences are negative and some economic consequences are nagative for some countries but also some positive changes due to economic development and industrialization of major part of the third world. In addition, the political conflict in most part of the world is due to historical fctors and political systems as well as the consequences of the current global economic integration. and internatinal instituitions.

As discussed above, social change is a complex issue and social changes can be positive as well as negative. The social changes have to charted carefully and shaped and if one fit all solutions do not worl according to the experiences of the past social changes. If carefully considered changes and phased appropriately they may be beneficial for the hole wold as the social world is complex in nature as it deals with humans as humans are complex beings than the natural world.

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