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Life in The Future – Speech

A short speech about what life in the future would be like.


                                                Speeches: Life In The Future


            Voice activated computers, already installed into your desks at school. A mini computer and an MP3-plus phone in your pocket.  Driving to school on the road can be a little boring and there can be a lot of traffic, ride on the flying car instead. Need a holiday, want an out of this earth vacation?  Take a shuttle to the space station and gaze into the stars for a weekend. Have you ever wondered what life in the future would be like? Imagine the future bold and beautiful. This will be the life of the future.

            Life in the future will take us beyond imagination. With new technologies being invented every day, it will impact every aspect of our lives. From the way we live at home, to how we learn in school, to the way we communicate with each other, to the way we travel, and much, much more. All our daily chores will be affected by technology that will take us beyond what we have already seen.  For example, many of you may have seen the remotely controlled Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in TV or magazine ads.  This is just the beginning, scientists are currently working on many more intelligent robotic technologies that will make our household tasks easier.  One example is a Robotic Maid, researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), are currently working on a robotic helper called Domo, a humanoid that can perform household tasks like cleaning, cooking dinner and washing dishes. This robot will also be able to interact with humans and follow instructions, just like the robotic maid named Rosie in the futuristic TV show “The Jetsons”.

            In the future, school is going to be great, and learning will be easier, faster and more fun. The school of today will be transformed beyond our belief. Our desks will have pre-installed computers with all the resources we need available on line with the touch of the screen.  Text books, paper, pens and pencils will be the thing of the past.  If you think the Smart Board is neat, just wait for the next generation of Smart Boards, they will be voice activated and remotely controlled.  Communications technology will also allow us to share our knowledge and learn from students and teachers from around the world. Our classrooms will become international, we can be doing group work with students from other parts of the world, like Uganda or China.  We will also be learning from teachers from other parts of the world, who are connected to us through our computers.  All this is going to not only increase our knowledge, but is also going be very exciting.  Doing homework will also be easier, if you need help, there will be many new tools available.  Have you ever heard of the fly pen?  Well, the fly pen is a really a smart pen that lets you download spell check and other programs that can help you with school work.  Things like the fly pen are already invented, this means that in the future there will be even better technologies.

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