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Nano-Bots are a technology we can expect to see in the next 30-40 years.

Nano-Bots are a technology we can expect to see in the next 30-40 years.  These little micro machines are very intricately built.  They can also do just about anything you want them to do inside your body.  All you need to do is program It, and have it put in to your body and it will get to work on a variety of things.  Nano-Bots can do many things already, and have already been tested.  The things that have already been tested include fixing scar tissue, killing off tumor tissues, rebuilding muscles, and repairing memory loss.  All of these things have been tested in rats, and are expected to be able to be done on humans in the near future, as well as other things we can not do yet today.

      Some of the things that have not yet been tested, but are expected to come include regenerating limbs, coma recovery, and reverse aging by fixing vital muscles and tissues.  Is this really a good thing though?  What is the Nano-Bots go rogue, or are reprogrammed.  The damage they can do is unthinkable.  Think of war, and armies.  If you can regenerate limbs, will we be used as the ultimate tool?  What kind of atrocities will have to be created to kill a super human?  These are just a few things to think about as technology grows. 

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