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What to Study?

The future is coming and the new paradigms of careers.

That study? is the question that many young people make to the challenges posed by the imminent arrival of a future in which new technologies and forms of communication have generated momentum so fast that if you are not prepared we can run over and left out the workplace.

It is no secret the new scientific developments in all areas, medicine, computer science, genetics, physics, finally are some examples we could citar.De It follows incontestably that the old professions considered necessary to meet the requirements of society, are not as useful in a rapidly changing world, what generates the need to investigate a little more about the jobs of tomorrow.

Increase in the coming years the vacancies in the areas of information technology and telecommunications are no longer enough to have a title, it is necessary expertise and new ideas at work.

Among the most profitable professions in the coming years are those related to the area of ​​mathematics, science, IT and telecommunications, which have interesting careers vertiginoso.Otras growth and boom are charged professions as market research analyst and analyst corporate management and crisis management, and that organizations need employees who understand and organize data more efficiently.

In the graduate profile of the coming years will be essential, for example, have more skill in speaking and writing, mastering several languages, computing and be trained to work with new ideas.

Another trend that is being displayed is the fusion between professions to produce better results, and is the case for example of the mix of public accounting and finance or real estate attorney but, biotechnology …

Similarly it will be necessary to venture into areas such as telematics, cellular, genetic engineering, bionics, virtual reality, multimedia information, remote care for the elderly and children, health telecare, crops Water, robotics, automation, public security systems and artificial intelligence.


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