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California Schools are Going to Teach Gay History?

California schools are going to teach gay history?

U.S. State Califormia gay organizations have planned to push through the school curriculum in the chapter on the history of homosexuality.

The state Senate has already approved the proposal. Green tea has finally gays plan to the Governor of the State, writes Nelonen.

Today is not yet clear exactly what the letter will be gays in textbooks. The parties themselves believe that schools should primarily provide an overview of the most famous homosexual, but also the most important achievements in the fight for gay rights. Homosexual organizations have a desire to refute the erroneous and stereotypical allegations of sexual minorities.

It is envisaged that schools themselves can decide what age groups for children, they share the teaching of homosexuality.

Previously, the talks have gone the same female, Muslim and Jewish organizations. In many organizations, is presenting the history failed to add its own chapter in textbooks.

Califormia would be the first U.S. state, which began in schools to teach gay history.

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