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Gay Radar Alert for Country Singer Hunter Hayes

You may have heard the touching country song "I want you to feel wanted." This song is sung by Hunter Hayes, a young country singer. When I watched him perform on the Country Music Awards (CMAs), my gay radar came out loud and clear.

Hunter Hayes

After seeing the performance of Hunter Hayes on the CMAs, I have come to the conclusion that he is gay, or since he is very young, he may be a budding gay male.

This is based strictly on my gay radar, and is not based on any research to back up my claim.  It looks like many may disagree with this assessment, based on some of the comments from adoring fans (females of course), who are wishing that he is not gay. 

Hunter Hayes looks effeminate in this picture

Since he is young, it may be awhile before he comes out, since it looks as if some people prefer to wait a little later on in their career to admit that they are gay.  Examples would be gay Anderson Cooper and of course, we cannot leave out Ellen DeGeneres.  

Young Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes can put under his belt that he won a CMA, while I can affirm that my gay radar works perfectly when one day he comes out of the closet.

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