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Has America Become Incompatible with Christianity?

Has America Become Incompatible with Christianity?

If you look at what Barack Hussein Obama has ushered in, you have to begin to wonder if America has become incompatible with Christianity.  Christianity has preached against homosexuality for centuries.  Catholics in particular have prohibitions against abortion and contraception as articles of their faith.  In my view, Barack Hussein Obama personally gets down on his knees and worships gay sex and abortions and he has mandated by law that you do so as well.

When I speak of the possibility of Christianity becoming incompatible the evolving values of America, I am not just talking conservative Christianity.  A church in which gay priests marry one another and adopt children is not a Christian church even if they were to call themselves a Christian church. 

What are gayness and homosexuality about if not about sex?  None of the world’s major religions is about sex.  Christianity certainly isn’t.  This is why the celibate can love God.  If giving up sex or not engaging in sex or not publicly declaring ones sexuality were unpardonable sins, celibates would not be welcome in the church. 

Moreover if it is said that homosexuality and gayness are about something other than sex, and especially if it were asserted that homosexuality was mainly about something other than sex then whatever that other component was would also be shared by people who are not gay.  It would have to be since gay people are not aliens or androids.  This would mean that all the special rights, privileges and even that incident wherein a president complemented an athlete for publicly admitting his sexuality, would also have to be accorded to every other human being who exhibited whatever it is that it is claimed that being gay is mainly all about.  Marriage and spousal rights would apply to anyone who exhibited whatever it is that gayness is all about if it is asserted that gayness is mainly about something other than sex.

  In a secularized society the impulse to try to provide religious cover for secular lusts and appetites is a remarkably flimsy fig leaf.  One of the best things about an organization like the Scientologists is that at least they don’t try to say God and Jesus told them to use their arcane devices on human beings.

What we need is the First Church of Sodomy or the Gay Gospel of Brother Bruce.  A true believer would  come down from the Glory Hole with cosmically inscribed, mystic condoms that teach love and tolerance for everything and everyone except Christians–of course.

Although it would be much more intellectually honest if the secularists would just worship themselves and their sexuality they don’t have the moral courage or the intellectually integrity to do it.  So if Christians remain in a society like the United States they will soon find that not only does almost anything goes but people who call themselves Christians will say that almost all behavior is acceptable.  Sooner or later it will be hate speech to try to exclude witches and devil worship.  One wonders just how long the secular pseudo religious will be able to hold out against NAMBLA or if they even want to…

So true believers, if you insist on worshipping the Christian God of “NO” then your days in the United States are numbered.  Sooner or later practicing orthodox Christianity will be made against the law.  By the way, they will do it piecemeal to get around the establishment clause.  In effect, it won’t be illegal to be a Christian but it will be illegal to tell anyone that you are–don’t ask, don’t tell.  Christians in the closet.  Perhaps you could move to Vatican City.  I have it on good authority that there exist some there who still  think the Bible is a Good Book.

If you can’t move to the Vatican and you still  insist on publicly worshipping a God who says “DON’T“  a lot,  you need to convert to an orthodox, conservative middle eastern religion and move to a country that imposes a conservative version of the faith on it’s citizens.  No will make fun of your faith there.


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