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How to Deal with Homophobic People

Homophobic people can make you very angry, but don’t lose your temper with them, it’s what they want!

Despite the fact that it is now 2013, there are still millions of homophobic people all over the world. And knowing someone that is homophobic is no fun, their attitudes towards others sexual orientations are always made abundantly clear (even though no one asked them) and they are never short of a judgement or two. Homophobic people are intolerant and intolerance is never a good thing and should always be dealt with.

Always let them have their say.

You might not want to hear it, but let them speak, you don’t have to listen just let them talk. It will make them feel like they are being listened to even though they are not.

Don’t say anything.

When they start one of their rants, simply don’t say a word. Do not agree or disagree with them, agreeing with them will only validate them and disagreeing will only fuel their fire. Say nothing and they will eventually shut up.

Think about good things.

Try to focus on the positive aspects about this person, they’re not going to change their ways so you might as well try and find something that you do like about them.

Don’t row.

No matter how much they (or you) want it, don’t start or participate in a row with them. This is exactly what they want, the want the chance to try and prove themselves right, and they’re not, so rowing would be futile.

Try to engage them in positive things.

Talk about the positive things that both of you like, steer clear of any controversial topics if you can.

Homophobic people are narrow minded and bigoted, it’s as simple as that, but dealing with them will make life easier for everyone.

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  1. Francie

    On March 5, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    Good article,,,,everyone has an opinion and decent minded
    people are entitled to their own opinions. I do think however
    from experience you are right, it’s better to be quiet when
    confronted with such controversy as it seems you will never
    win and it turns into a lose lose situation. It’s exhausting to
    make others see things your way. Sometimes you have to
    just let go and let god!

  2. clairelouise

    On March 6, 2013 at 6:08 am

    Thank you :) It is exhausting mentally and physically isn’t it?

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