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Lesbian Friends? Why Do Some Men Think Close Friends Must be Lesbians

Lesbian friends? Some men think women who are good friends are lesbians. This is real talk! Insecure men get it twisted. I’ve even heard hell-bound pastors claim that Naomi and Ruth of the Bible may have been lesbians. Let’s take a look at this silly scenario. Are you a woman whose been unjustly labeled a lesbian because of your close friend? Read on…

Lesbian friends eh”? This is not an article about lesbians. This is an article about insecure men. Insecure men make sly remarks about their girlfriends having lesbian friends, or being lesbian themselves. Why do men feel threatened by women who are close friends? What on earth is the problem?

Are women that treacherous that men can’t imagine them being good friends? Are women that petty? Why can’t some men believe that friends can get along like sisters? Do men prefer women who hang on their sides like a puppy dog, rather than have cool friends of her own? What’s the deal here? I’ve heard it said too many times. Women have confided in me, and I need to just address this. In fact, I’ve been labeled a lesbian a few times, because men don’t frequent my home like it’s a train station.

Lesbian friends and the topic of being gay, is not the concern of this article. My beef is with a world overrun with folks who gossip, spreading rumours that are false. Men seem to be just as gossipy as women when they feel their ego’s are challenged. Women who value close friendships with other women, may just get labeled lesbians. It’s silly really! If a boyfriend is that insecure, you may just need to find another. Hey, this is real talk!

Here’s another beef I have: why do men who get turned down by a woman shout— lesbian? If a woman doesn’t like a man that’s it. Why in the name of cotton candy, does she now have to be labelled lesbian? What is this donkey konk? It’s bad enough when a man thinks his girlfriends close friend is lesbian. Men whose self-esteem is on the outs get crazy ideas.

Now here’s a very tragic truth: I heard a well known pastor imply that Ruth and Naomi of the Bible were lesbian friends. That to me, is a real wicked stretch. Wicked because God never stated or implied such in his word.  Ruth and Naomi of the Bible stayed together until one got married. They stayed together bonded in friendship, caring for each other until. The point is, they were friends of honor and distinction. Bound together by the love of God, until a suitable marriage offer was made.

Men who think women who are close are lesbian friends ought to take some crash courses in self-esteem and get a life.

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  1. LoveDoctor

    On December 11, 2011 at 12:21 am

    These men have some serious control and insecurity issues. They’re emotional abusers. If they’re in a relationship, they try to isolate their woman from their friends and family by making them feel like she doesn’t really need anyone else, but him. Spreading rumors and lies about her friends is a tactic these master manipulators use in order to exercise control. By the way, this is an awesome article. You make very good points.

    I love fine, sexy men. 100% heterosexual and proud…… Love Doctor has spoken, if anyone has something to say, bring it on! I might put this on my profile. LOL

  2. LoveDoctor

    On December 11, 2011 at 12:22 am

    I forgot to mention that those men who think that women friends are lesbians are probably gay themselves. Second, they could also be fantasizing about having a three some with her friends.

  3. Rosettaartist1

    On December 11, 2011 at 12:34 am

    Men who want sex always call those who don’t do it lesbians…. sorry, but those guys are sick and sad liars cos being MORAL is not an indication of lesbianism. I’ve lesbian friends so would not offend them but what goes on in one’s bedroom is nobodys business. Guys who call women lesbian cos they get none… look to yourself and see what the real problem is! Like… how about getting to know a person first?

  4. Uma Shankari

    On December 11, 2011 at 1:17 am

    Excellent. I find men in general very retrograde in thinking.

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