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Lesbian in Indonesia: The Self Acceptance

Indonesia is a country with a society that still considers issues relating to LGBT as something taboo. Therefore, lesbian self-acceptance in Indonesia became difficult because they have to deal with the collective society.

In March 2010, some activists rejected the holding of the Gay and Lesbian conference scheduled to be held in Surabaya. It was not too surprising, because the majority of people in Indonesia considered the issue of gays and lesbians as a taboo thing to talk about.Furthermore, there are many community organizations which prohibit the LGBT activities because consider this a sinful act.

In a collective society such as Indonesia, one can not make decisions without the being affected by public opinion. Even in countries that already have legalized homosexuality, a homosexual inner conflicts still occur. Moreover, in countries where people are not friendly to homosexuals like in Indonesia.

Unlike gays who dare to open up more, lesbians in Indonesia are more into underground groups. Men are more willing to come out because they are not so much concerned with what is said by others, in contrast to women who are more concerned with public opinion. As a result, many lesbians who eventually chose to live the life they do not want.

But the bigger issue is actually on lesbians self-acceptance themselves. The desire to be themselves apparently clashed with the fear that they are not going to be accepted in society. Many who later became depressed, scared and eventually blamed themselves for their circumstances. Many also became self-loathing because they cannot express their affection to the opposite sex.

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Of course this is not psychologically healthy for lesbians.

That’s why so many lesbians in Indonesia are trying to find friends or supporting groups that could help them to accept themselves better. Many foundations are established in order to give moral support to LGBT, especially lesbian in Indonesia so that they can be themselves. Although this is still a self-supporting foundation, but at least can be a place for lesbians to be mingled in society.

In the future, there should better education for the public, so they can see the issues of sexual orientation as something natural. People would not judge LGBT, of course in negative ways. That way, the lesbian life in Indonesia could be better.

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