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Teen Trends: Bi……seaxuality or Phase?

Bisexuality is a seemingly growing trend among today’s teenagers, regardless of the reasoning, the amount of teens who now identify themselves as Bisexuals has been on a steep climb the past few years. The sexuality has always been just that, a sexuality. However the source of this incline is a huge controversy. I can’t help but question if it is a phase or actual sexuality.

Teen girls in particular seem to be at the center of this growing trend.

From my freshman to senior year of High-School I can honestly say only one of my close friends remained “straight”. Everyone seems to be “turning Bi” when sexuality is realistically one way or the other (quite literally). Out of my four closest friends all accept for that one token turned bisexual at some point in time. Eventually we all ended up on one spectrum or the other either as openly homosexual or completely heterosexual.

There are bisexuals hiding behind the label because it is considered safer than gay; bisexuals simply experimenting, then other bisexuals who are just people attempting to be more appealing.

Being homosexual in general has become a lot more accepted in school environments in recent times but being bisexual is usually just seen as being “confused” and “experimental”. Ultimately Bisexuality is viewed as a phase, regardless of the individuals opinions. When a person “turns bi” it doesn’t draw as much attention as being a lesbian or being gay, specifically because it lacks a sense of permanency.

Bisexuality means the best of both worlds in the sense that it’s safer then outright homosexuality and can be used without fear of major consequences, also that some find it attractive and if not? Just drop it. Bisexuality in it’s nature is seen as something changeable so it’s usually taken lightly in comparison to other sexualities.

The willingness and openness towards exploration of an individuals sexuality these past years has increased but bisexuals generally end up on one spectrum or the other. There is no doubt there are Bisexuals out there but many teens are saying it because of the sake a trend, just to fit in.

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