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Telltale Signs Your Boyfriend is Gay

Some warning signs from the girl who’s been there.

I have lots of gay friends as I used to work in the fashion industry — from fashion forward “metrosexuals” to overly dressed, flamboyant trannies. Having all these friends may have surrounded me with glittery aura and would make you think I can smell a gay man a mile away but, no – when it comes to love, it certainly is blind.

Take the case of this twenty something guy I have been friends with for quite a long while. After a devastating break up I had, his shoulder became my refuge where I can cry on. That was the moment things started to look funny and I began to have thoughts of “He’s cute, why doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” and I soon learned he hasn’t had one ever. So as all rebound relationships go, we went to dating (and yeah he told me he loved me).

When I told my gay friends about him, all of them said: “He’s gay, but he doesn’t know it yet.” I scoffed at them. Is there even such a thing? But guess what. After a week, he didn’t show up. After several phone calls he finally agreed to meet up and told me it wasn’t working out. And he can’t stay long to chat as he had to go home and clean the toilet. Clorox = 1, Me = 0.

So here are some of the signs my gay friends warned me about and should have heeded:

  1. He likes musicals – My ex told me he loved High School Musical and Zac Efron made “an outstanding performance”.
  2. He is living with a guy – don’t get me wrong, I should have smelled this a mile away but the thing is, the I am good friends with the other guy and his girlfriend and they definitely are a straight couple.
  3. He turned up on my friends’ gaydar – I think gay men give off a scent much like a female dog during mating season. For some reason, one look from my gay friends and Poof! – it has been determined. So no matter what, if he seems very much into you, heed your gay friends’ warning.
  4. Yes, gay man can have sex with women, they can even be exceptionally good at it, but it won’t last long. Maybe they can’t just fathom the thought.
  5. He is exceptionally good-looking – I thought I bagged it this time and hit the jackpot by having an overly cute boyfriend, but lo and behold, there is a reason why he is this sexy – to attract men as pretty as he is. But hey, I’m not saying every cute guy is gay. Though there seems to be a very thin line.

So what became of my ex-shoulder to cry on boyfriend who turned out to be gay? Last time I heard, his roommate decided to live with his girlfriend and he was all alone. He got into photography and set up a photoblog detailing all his travels and dreams.

Sometimes I think there must be a cosmic reason why we got together albeit a short period of time. Maybe I am just lonely. Maybe I am destined to end his virginity. Maybe I am there to help him discover his true self. Yeah, I’m charitable like that.

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