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Undercover Gay Men

This story explains the myth behind the idea that every gay man is soft or timid. They are on the streets, in business suits, or in popular sports. Some might be your friends, and you dont know it yet.

Many people are very concerned about the stories we hear in television, magazines, and news about entertainers, rock stars, and sports jocks being promiscuous with partners of questionable genders.  The amount of homosexuality, transgender, and bi-sexuality in metropolitan cities is shooting through the roof. Many times you hear of these stories on Youtube, or books like Video Vixen, about some of these strange incidents that get attention.  These stories keep us lusting for more info, and to find out why these big stars do these things. The truth is a lot of these celebrity males are not too far from the norm.  A lot of men have sought out or are curious about homosexuality.

When I was in college as a freshmen, I was a tall, goofy, had a big untamed afro, skinny body, glasses, and no game with the women.  I was a walking wreck.  But I felt like I was different. I was just being ME.  Well being me seemed to get a lot of attention good and bad.  Late nights I would get phone calls from just about every strange young girl looking for a booty call to even strange men.  One day I picked up the phone and instead of it being a sexy horny chick on the line, it happened to be a lusting guy on the other end.  I hung up.  He called right back, and I started to disconnect the line, when I thought what the hell, why not just talk to him to see what’s going on.  So we spoke for about 5 minutes.  He told me what he was looking for.  I told him I couldn’t do that.  Then he got angry and said that if he couldn’t get it from me, he would just get sex and head from one of the football players on campus.

Him telling me this paused me.  It was scary.  Because these were the athletes we rooted for in all the games. These were the players on the field that helped motivate our college spirit.  I was disturbed.  These jocks were not just overgrown muscle freaks who attracted all the women on campus, some of them were homosexuals underneath.  I recalled one of the football players in particular who we will call JoJo.  JoJo was loud, always acting like he was the toughest man on campus. So I had asked the gay student on the line about JoJo.  He told me that JoJo took it in the rear and loved to suck cock as often as he could.  I almost hung up.  He then went to explain that almost half of the football team was just as gay as JoJo, or were at least bi-sexual.  Wow!

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  1. Ashley

    On June 11, 2010 at 12:23 am

    i like this article. it’s interesting. i know there are a lot of undercover men . even on college campuses. my campus personally had a lot of frat guys who were gay. this was funny bcuz most frat guys attact the women. but yeah watever lol. and umm society has diminished a strong heterosexual relationship. most times society jst says men should be strong…and put soo much expectations out on them. However, I don’t think religion is the place ppl should turn to for finding sexuality. i think religion basically states u have to be heterosexual. ppl should choose their own sexuality. as part of their own identity. but society shouldnt be all homo or hetero there has to be a balance…so it can function properly.

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