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Air Pollution in The House Were to Watch

Air pollution in the House were to Watch.

Air pollution does not only come from vehicle exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke or fumes from industries that we usually experience when outside the home. Air pollution can threaten the health of even being in the house or room. 

Sources of pollution can come from objects in the home that may never be aware of. The following sources of air pollution that may be nested inside your home, as quoted from Care2. 

1. New carpet 

New carpet or wallpaper are usually cause a chemical smell quite pungent. That’s because new carpet spread 4-PC, a chemical at the bottom of the carpet to keep the carpet was not damaged during storage at the store. Pungent smells like glue and paint will probably disappear within a few days or weeks. But for people who are sensitive to chemicals, can cause headaches, coughing and hoarseness. 

We will install or roll out new carpet, make sure the doors and windows open so that the smell of the chemicals can get out of the room. Try to wear a mask when spread them out, and keep it away from children. 

2. Electronic goods and Plastic Products 

The products are made of polyvinyl chloride that emit phthalates, a substance that is often associated with abnormal hormones and cause reproductive problems. Plastics can also trigger the release of chemicals Polybrominated diphenyl ether, which could potentially lead to changes in behavior. 

When newly bought electronic goods and plastic products, great ventilation in the house until the chemical smell disappears. Clean using a vacuum cleaner on a computer, printer and television regularly. 

3. Glue and Adhesives Other Substances 

Glue, isolatip or other adhesive materials may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as acetone or methyl ethyl ketone. These substances can irritate the eyes and affect the nervous system. Rubber cement, containing n-hexane, a toxin that attacks the nervous system. While adhesives generally contain toxic formaldehyde is also harmful to the body. 

Choose water-based glues and formaldehyde-free, which can be found in stores weighing device. When applying the glue, make sure the open house with good ventilation and do not get too close for a long time on the object to be glued. 

4. Heating device (oven, stove, heating machine, microwave) 

Home devices that radiate heat, especially the potential to produce carbon monoxide gas stove which can cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue and even death if the ventilation is very bad. Heating devices can also lead to nitrogen dioxide can cause respiratory problems and problems of the eyes, nose and throat infections. 

5. Wall paint 

Wall paint can release VOC substances when it dries, which can be caused headache, nausea or dizziness. As well as the cleaning materials and paint spray adhesive, which also contains methylene chloride can cause cancer in animals. 

In order for paint effects can be reduced, use a low VOC content paints her. When painting the walls or home appliances, windows and doors open wide and create ventilas air with a fan. Do not forget to wear a mask when painting

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