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Died “Wine-lover” Gives One Million to Austrian Village!

Died Wine-lover gives one million to Austrian Village!

Gols, a small village in Austria, has a legacy of 1 million euros received from two brothers from the Czech Republic who recently died. The two men gave the money because they love were on the red wine that is made in the village, says Georg Allacher, a friendly wine farmer from the region.

Allacher met Radim and Georg Jetel around ten years ago at an event in Vienna where he brought his wine to the man. “They kept a lot of wine and came visiting us immediately,” said the wine farmer. Radim and George lived in Vienna and Sweden respectively and came several times to Gols, a village on the Austria-Hungarian border, to bottles of the local wine.

Fairy tale the youngest brother, Radim, died a while ago and made his possession over to Georg. The oldest brother died two months ago and gave his fortune to Gols. The Mayor of Gols in the clouds and is planning to invest the money in real estate projects in the village. “I feel exactly in a fairy tale,” said the citizen father.

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