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Dowry System

Dowry system spoils the life of many girls in our country every year.

From the past, dowry system has been in practice for a long ago. Father gave a part of his property to his daughter in marriage ceremony willingly out of his love and affection to his daughter. Time has gone. Now a days, is has taken the form of an ugly system. Today’s bride-grooms and father shamelessly demand large amount of money from the bride’s father. It appears that a father demands the cost of his son/son’s education from bride’s father.

It has become a great problem in the societies in Nepal and India because of dowry system. some times bridal party goes back from the bride’s home when the demanded money is not fulfilled. More often the bridegroom’s family kill the bride by burning her when she fails to fulfill their demands. That cruelty crime must be abolished.

There is no doubt that it is a curse to our society. It spoils the life of many girls in our country every year. so we should aware of it and should raise solid step in abolishing this kind of evil system.

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