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Effects of Negative and Positive Spicy Food

Effects of negative and positive Spicy Food.

In addition to the taste of food and appetite, a curry or chilli can make the body healthy. Spicy flavor and burn of peppers produced gives rise to high concentrations of the drug named capsaicin.Berikut benefits and adverse health effects from eating spicy foods can cause:

Positive effects of spicy food

    First The combination of turmeric (in curry-eating) in spicy foods have the ability to reduce, joint inflammation and bone damage in humans, it could be useful for people with arthritis (joint inflammation).

    Second Some research indicates consumption of chili and curry on a regular basis may reduce the risk of cancer. The compound capsaicin in chili peppers can cause cancer by attacking the mitochondria of cells without harming healthy cells and kill the pain relief in the mouth for cancer patients, whereas in the curry spice curcumin anti-cancer effects.

    Third Spicy foods can help improve cardiovascular health and the body’s ability to dissolve blood clots.

    4th Eating foods such as chili peppers and spices can make a person sweat, resulting in pain, when colds and flu.

    5th A study set spicy foods can speed up metabolism and helps burn calories the body faster.

    6th Chili consumption can increase blood circulation and lowers blood pressure and high levels of vitamin A and C contribute to the vessel walls, which make it flexible and better able to adjust to the differences in blood pressure.

    7th Reduce pain and discomfort, the compound capsaicin is known levels of substance P, a neurotransmitter, to reduce the pain signals.

The negative impact spicy food

    A. eating spicy food irritation by forming strange patterns can (geographic variation) cause the tongue.

    Second Far too often, eating spicy foods can reduce the function to protect the stomach lining. If it’s too often, then it is even thinner layers that may be making the stomach vulnerable to infections.

    Third In some people, spicy food can affect the production of stomach acid, causing discomfort in the abdomen.

    4th Spicy foods can negatively affect the quality of sleep or insomnia. This is because spicy foods increase the body temperature and the first cycle of sleep stages are very sensitive to strong flavored dishes. For you should avoid eating spicy foods at night.

    5th Constantly eating spicy foods, can reduce the feeling of taste on the tongue, so that you consume less and less visible in the position, the taste of food or drink.

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