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Eye Bags Attacks! What Should I Do?

Why do you still have eye bags after getting ample sleep? Do you think lack of sleep is the main reason of having eye bags? Read and find out more what are the different reasons & causes. Know how to deal and how to get rid of it.

Learn how and say BYE-BYE to your eye bags! :’)

Our eyes plays an important role in our everyday lives. Our eyes are our window to this world.

 Are you bothered having those eyebags. The skin under your eye is very thin, and when bags begin to form it is easily noticeable. It is better to prevent and find out the reason and causes of having eye bags rather than keep covering them up.  Have you ever crossed your mind that why do you still have eye bags after getting ample sleep? Do you think having a lack of sleep is the main reason of having an under-eye bag?

What do you think are the other reasons of having eye bags? Read this.

Having an eye bags can be a genetic trait.

Sleeping is very important, it will help us gain energy. You can have bags under your eyes if you are tired. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Try to sleep before 10 pm (but 9 pm is better) and try to wake up early. Before 7 am can be helpful.

Having an allergy can be a reason of having an eye bags which includes the sneezing, running noses, coughing, headaches and even rubbing the eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes use an eye drop instead. Irritants in the air such as pollutants and mold also seem to exacerbate the bags. Some laundry detergents, fabrics, perfumes and face creams will also result in swollen eyes and bags.

Did you know that eating salty foods can affect puffiness to your eyes? This includes the poor eating habit. Eating salty foods causes your body to retrain water.  So to prevent this, start drinking more water and try to monitor what you eat. Avoid junk foods, soy sauce if possible and instant noodles which are very rich in sodium. Try to do a water theraphy it will help to cleanse and flash away the waste in your body. Water theraphy can help you to prevent dehydration.

Hormones and Aging. Many symptoms that accompany menstruation may also be a cause of under-eye bags. The natural aging process also causes bags, as the skin around the eyes becomes thinner and less elastic.

Kidney problems can also cause under-eye bags. 

Dark circles under the eyes often coincide with bags, but these two ugly features occur separately. Aging is partially responsible for both.

What should I do to my eye bags?

You should maintan a healthy lifestyle, take a rest, eat healthy foods (good diet will be helpful), drink plenty of water, and do exercise.

Try face exercises every morning.

Don’t smoke. It limits the amount of oxygen and blood supply to vital tissues in your body by causing your blood vessels to constrict.

Limit exposure to UV rays to allow your body to naturally produce the essentials needed to prevent under eye bags.

You can use a slices of cucumber and tea bags laid on top of closed eyes to reduce puffiness. Cucumbers or the natural anti-diuretic in caffeinated tea might help.

No time for cucumber slices? Gently massage either side of your nose to release fluid retention and reduce puffiness around your eyes.

Plastic surgery called blepharoplasty can remove or reposition the fat that creates under-eye bags. Sometimes surgeons pair this with Botox or facelifts to revitalize the face. 

Some specialty eye creams found on drugstore shelves claim to reduce puffiness. Look for the ingredients Eyeliss, CynergyTK, Phytessence Wakame, Babassu and Nano Lipobelle HEQ10.

And now you know what’s the reason behind of having eye bags. Learn how to deal with it and say Goodbye to your puffy eye bags! :)

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