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Good Bye Tea Party Republicans

He who screws around with the finances has got to go.

     On August 2nd, 2011, the congress of the United States of America voted on a measure to increase the debt ceiling so that the good ole USA, could pay its bills through the 2012, elections. The fallout from the vote has already begun with the downgrading of the credit rating of the USA. When you go from a triple A rating to a double A plus rating most economists and accounting majors agree and say no big deal, I beg to differ.

     The economy in my opinion is in shambles. Take notice of the size of and the price of things we take for granted. The burger from your favorite burger joint is smaller and more expensive. The drink that was called large is served in a medium sized cup and costs more. The three large gourmet cookies for a dollar are just three nothing special about these cookies for a dollar. The price of gas, food and anything in between is going up up up. It seems like everybody is getting a raise but me.

     The fight in congress over the debt ceiling was vicious on both sides of the aisle and both chambers of congress.  The problem that was supposed to be solved by voting on the debt ceiling happened any way. The down grading of The United States rating to borrow money will have grave effects on the economy in the coming weeks.  Banks are not lending out money, jobs are disappearing from all sectors of the economy.  If you have a job are you worried about losing it, downsizing or outsourcing.  It may appear to some that I may be harping but listen to the music.

     The stock markets are reacting to the United States inability to fairly solve its debt crisis. The stock market will continue to spurt and sputter as long as the congress of the United States Of America, refuses to control the debt issue with dignity and respect for all persons involved both in Washington and outside of The country. Mark your calendar August 2nd, 2011 was the day we said good bye to the Tea Party movement. Take note as the news out of D.C. will not be led by members of the Tea Party Republicans because they will be running for cover hiding from this bad legislation that will effect the whole world. You can not have it both ways, hate the president without consequences or repercussions for your actions.  When I was young and still innocent I got spanked for being bad.  To soften the pain I would clench my butt cheeks . America bend over we are about to get spanked really hard.  If you feel a little hungry I make a really delicious wish me sandwich. Take two pieces of bread and wish you had some meat in their. You can buy the bread you just can’t afford to put anything on it.

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