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Government Grants: Easy Money?

Many people have made millions of dollars writing books about the different government agencies that will give you “free” money. It is a great dream but not a real one. Yes, the government offers many grant programs and informational brochures on many subjects, but they don’t just give away money.

Government grants come from state and federal government agencies these agencies grant money mainly to organizations that can assist it to realize the objectives for which that government agency was created. For example, the Department of Agriculture makes money available to strengthen the rural economy. However, their grants mainly go to agricultural institutions and not directly to farmers! The “Farm Grants” farmers are offered maybe called grants, but the government is really offering them a subsidized loan. They have to pay it back!

The majority of grants to private individuals are really loans. The grants that are not considered loans are usually given to institutions or organizations. These organizations must track and have systems in place in order to tell the government exactly how they are using the money. They must also prove that they are using the funds under the guidelines of the original proposal; otherwise, they must give the money back.

Now, if you do an Internet search for “free personal loans from the government” or “Government Grants,” you will get page after page of websites that promise they will “help you get a grant” or they will offer “free money” from the government. Of course, the majority of offers are always for a small fee or the purchase of a book. Consider it good marketing but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Of course, the best free thing you can get from the government is information. Knowledge is power and the government can help you get information on just about any subject from how to fix your bad credit to getting food stamps. To get information from our government free of charge go to Through this site, you can even find all the loans available that are offered from the government. This is a free service at no cost to you!

If you want to find out more, check out It’s also a free service. In the end, the government does provide loans but you need to do your research. If you still need to read books that tell about getting government grants, go to your local library. It’s the easiest government grant you can have.

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