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How to Track a Usps Package

This is a short how-to on tracking a USPS.

Tracking online:

1. Go to the Track and Confirm tab on the Postal Service

2. Locate the receipt number: It’s located on the bottom of receipt after the payment and transaction number. Enter the information as it appears.

3. Click Find when after you enetered a label number. If you used Delivery Confirmation, certified mail, or registered mail, you’ll see when your package went out for delivery.

Using delivery confirmation services to track receipt:

1. when you purchase postage, you can also buy this service, the total is added to the total postage amount on your shipping labels. A card will be mailed to you containing the date, zip code, and time of delivery.

2. Use signature confirmation, it provides an additional level of security by requiring the recipient to provide a signature upon delivery.

3. Confirm the delivery with Certified Mail, obtain online confirmation of your package using a article number that’s unique. It requires a signature and maintains a record of the signature.

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