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Margaret Thatcher Dead?

Is the Ex- Prime Minister of the United Kingdom dead? According to a Former Quebec Politician she is.

You shouldn’t always trust rumours you hear on Facebook or twitter. They can get really out of hand.

One famous example of this was a rumour that in the UK McDonald’s was going to ban under 18’s from eating in their restaurants. Personally I couldn’t believe this myself since most of their customers are under 18’s, plus what will happen to Happy Meals? McDonald’s latter replied that this was a rumour and would never promote such a ridiculous idea.

Lately however another rumour surfaced around Twitter, which people actually believed. This was because it was twitted by a Former Quebec Politician. He claimed the the Ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was dead.

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Mario Dumont wrongly twitted that Margaret Thatcher was dead, by twitting the following message:

“R.I.P. Margaret Thatcher, a woman of vision and decisiveness. A rarity,” 

That alone caused outrage since people took offence to him calling Margaret Thatcher a rare woman of vision and decisiveness.

Mr Dumont later apologised for this incident and claimed that he got told of the rumour by a fake Twitter account. He later twitted: ”The news about Ms. Thatcher – not a reliable source,”  and ”News came from a fake Carla Bruni account. Sorry.”

Alarm bells should of rang since the fake account actually spelt Margaret Thatcher wrong “Margareth” and there was no news about it on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) the UK owned Largest Broadcaster in the world.

Margaret Thatcher was elected three times and the longest serving prime minister in the 20th century. Even though many people didn’t like her she did wonderful things for this country and without her Britain would be in a much worse economic position if she had not solved the problems left by the previous government (a bit like the current situation in the UK really, except David Cameron is not very good at it)

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