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Microsoft Helped The NSA to Reveal Encrypted Messages

Microsoft works closely with U.S. intelligence services to allow access to private communications of its users. The multinational has helped Washington spy even overcome your own coding system of accounts and has allowed access to audio and video conversations in Skype, videoconferencing service the multinational acquired in October 2011.

These are the latest revelations from the Guardian regarding massive spying programs on the Internet of the U.S. and British governments unveiled by the former employee of the National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden .

The new files that had access to British newspaper illustrate the level of cooperation between Silicon Valley, California area that concentrates the headquarters of U.S. technology companies like Google, Apple or Facebook, and intelligence agencies for the past three years .

Microsoft provided the NSA access to customer conversations in the Outlook mail service. In addition, the company has worked with the FBI this year to facilitate the agency, through the Prism program, the input data file to your online SkyDrive, which has over 250 million users worldwide.

Skype video conferencing service also collaborated with U.S. intelligence last year, to allow the program Prism video and audio file private conversations. The material stored by Prisma is regularly shared with the FBI and the CIA.

The latest revelations about the modus operandi of the NSA reveal tensions between large technology companies and the administration of Barack Obama. Internet giants are lobbying the government to allow them to make public more fully the scope of their cooperation with the NSA to calm their clients.

In a statement, Microsoft said that when “upgrade or modernize” their products is not exempt from the need to meet the “present or future legal requirements.” The company reiterated the argument that facilitates customer data “only in response to the demands of the government” and just about “specific accounts.”

The Guardian published in June that the NSA had “direct access” to personal data and communications of users of large Internet companies through Prism.

Since going public the existence of massive espionage plan , both Microsoft and the other companies involved in the reports filtered by Snowden have denied knowledge of the program and insisted that intelligence agencies do not have access to their systems.

In the same line spokesmen have said Skype, a company that claims to be “committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal data, information on navigation and communications content” of its customers. However, NSA’s internal communications to have accessed the Guardian suggest that cooperation between government and business is deep and remains in force. The latest marketing campaign launched in April Microsoft emphasizes the company’s commitment to safety with the slogan “Your privacy is our priority.”

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