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Opinion Director of USA

How refreshing to hear opinion and not hysterical.

               So this morning I read an article about the director’s views on politics at all.I one that is from USA and even very famous, otherwise it would not invite to the festival in Karlovy Vary that,

And imagine how he repay.Aloud them, clearly and intelligibly express what they think about politics.

Our objective journalists hysterically ran out of the room and immediately wrote to us that every decent person would have done the same thing.

It is clear from the fragmentary reports that were able to hear during the run, it was just about right, that is, from my point of view, but that is all there and their quislings fear as the devil!!

I jingled the keys and wanted the future, but now I broke hand, if I could go back.

Even then, I’m here but I did not.Believe USA that their democracy and did not like them because of their superiority and masterminding the whole I world.Believed France, Austria, Germany and other European states.At all I did not realize that these are just rectofilové USA.

Now I admire Russia and Croatia and all those who try to go their own way and are not to everyone’s throat.

Russians cherish their Christian faith and anyone who wants to live in this country, it must accept that no one else has not adhered to the house went on.

Russians and Croats to protect their families, before pathological opinions regarding family composition and number parents.Me personally do not mind homosexuals, but the family does not physiologically nothing to do.Them a union of two adults on the basis of the relationship, not the procreation and education of children ie no family.

Registered partnership is in terms of the legal guarantee for heritage and is fine, but I can not see and I do not mean akceptovatto that should be brought to the level of the family!!

France now persecutes those who demonstrate for normal biological family and I chorus France, ??Shame, Shame, Shame.!!! “Are you going back to the period of the kings of France? Then you flourished in the royal courts of homosexuality, pedophilia and other profanity.To is your link revolution ?

Monitoring and interception of your own citizens as well as from other countries – the U.S., you do not mind?

Brussels and colleagues prefer to chase a man who says out loud?

What I’m European Union? Useless!!

Instead, to protect us and us for 30 pieces of silver to sell to anyone, even those who are heard close.

Western Europe do not want this, preferring to turn to Russia!!

The director is right!! And I applaud him now symbolically!!

Thank you, Oliver Stone!!

Liked it
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