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Responsiveness to The Public

Public officials have responsibility to the people they serve and they have one common trait – it is integrity.

I am always affected by the plight of the poor people. My heart bleeds with mercy for them, maybe because I have also experiences of how it is to have particularly nothing. I would think that if I am just rich, I would give them money to start a decent livelihood.

Even if a poor person works very hard but because he was not able to finish a degree, promotion is a rare opportunity. I thought about one friend of mine’s marxist interpretation of economic equality that how much a person can produce is what he gets. But as democrats, we are free to develop our capacities to the fullest, there is equality of opportunity. Yet in here, we are given equal opportunity to be unequal.

As a lesson on responsiveness to the public, I would have to start with myself. How am I going to carry it out? I can show my responsiveness to the public by being respectful to people needing my services whoever they are. I will act promptly on requests, process the papers expeditiously, act immediately on public transactions and make information accessible to the public with exceptions under the provisions. I will not keep the people waiting for long, I will serve them promptly. I will make sure that people will feel at ease coming to our office so they will leave happy and satisfied. I will be sensitive to their needs and rights as citizens. I will also be open to their suggestions and complaints on government processes.

I will not be rude or a snob to people but instead display an approachable disposition willing to help. I will be more concern of the poor and the oppressed giving them proper assistance.

Each of us has his or her own account of personal problems and sometimes loses control. I will not bring a hot temper to the workplace though. I will not allow it to surface because it will hinder me from becoming effective.

One of the realizations I gained while writing this is that responsiveness to the public makes the people trust their government. It will also ensure their cooperation to whatever projects or endeavors the government will implement. It is therefore essential to government people to perform with integrity and excellence. I guess this is a timely call as elections end.

Words must have been easier than done because many government people who promised to serve honestly and truthfully can be seen violating the code of conduct and ethical standards. Though only a few, they still tainted government reputation. And the public do not really think these people are just minority because apparently some even act as if they are the government and they own it because they corrupt public funds and properties. They are merely trustees.

Nobody should look down on poor people and give much favors and undue assistance to the rich. One’s commitment to the public should never be forgotten but re-examined. Let this article be a reminder. God bless our country and the new leaders!

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