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The Invincecables Robbed The Post Office of Over Two Billion Pounds

And get away with it Scot free.

 Business Secretary Vince Cable is being blamed for giving this money away.

Vince Cable is to face questions from MPs next month on whether Royal Mail was sold off on the cheap

Shares in Royal Mail were sold by the government at £3.30 earlier, which valued the firm at £3.3billion.

But since then shares have soared to over £5.80 suggesting the company was worth over £5billion.

 Business Minister Michael Fallon insisted that ‘price volatility’ was to be expected in the immediate aftermath of a sale.

He said: ‘But let’s be very clear this sale was popular, it was over-subscribed and it was successful.’

However, Labour said the UK taxpayers have been significantly short changed by David Cameron’s Royal Mail fire sale.


The Whitehall spending watchdog announced it would carry out a value for money probe into the sale, to ensure the taxpayer was not ripped off.


The National Audit Office said: ‘The examination will cover the issues of how the price range for the initial public offering was set and the discussion of possible revisions to the range.’


It seems odd to me that Vince Cable was selected to decide on this price the financial sector must have jumped for joy. The beneficiaries can all blame Vince’s stupidity and claim it had nothing to do with them.


My view is they pulled off the biggest Post Office Robbery in history a cool two billion and they have got away with it Scot free or should that be Vince free.  


The INVINCECABLES robbed the Post Office of over 2 billion pounds and get away with it.

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